DFX partnership announcement: Stacking Sats with Alby and DFX

DFX partners with getAlby.com. With Alby, you can connect one or many of your Lightning wallets and control them directly in your browser. DFX now supercharges this one-of-a-kind experience with a Fiat On- and Offramp to build a bridge between your bank account and your Bitcoin Lightning Wallet.

How does it work?

Step 1: Get yourself an account with getAlby.com

Step 2: Start stacking with DFX

  • Visit https://lightning.dfx.swiss/
  • Connect your Alby Account
  • Select the amount of BTC to buy, pay via Sepa and receive Bitcoin in your Alby Account. Selling works just as easily.

Are you looking to Dollar Cost Average into Bitcoin? The purpose of payment remains constant for your account. This means you can simply set up standing orders with your bank and thus invest in Bitcoin at your desired interval fully automatically.

What’s next?

DFX’s main focus remains to drive mass adoption of Bitcoin. Already today we are looking very closely at an integration of Lightning into our self-custody DFX Bitcoin app and maybe it will be possible to integrate your Alby account directly.

Alby and DFX into the future of payments

Moritz, Co-founder of Alby, says DFX provides a seamless experience to buy and sell bitcoin. With this partnership Alby Account users have another option to top up their bitcoin balance by plugging in their Alby account into the DFX app. With this partnership we increasingly remove obstacles between fiat currencies and bitcoin to facilitate money transfer across the globe by leveraging the bitcoin lightning network.